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    As a WinMOB noob, I managed to corrupt something today while trying to do some memory management tips from Pocket PC Addicts. Bottomline: had to do a hard reset. Thankfully, had just done a backup via Sprite before attempting my little memory experiment. I thought everything was restored just fine, but now my DPAD is "backwards". Up/down now is right/left, and right/left is now up/down! How do I change this back? I have several today plugins: Spb Diary, Spb Pocket Plus integrated with Pocket Informant. I looked at all of these settings, but don't see where any of them change the DPAD direction.
    thanks in advance!
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    I'll answer my own post on this one. I fixed it by opening the program Tweaks2, applying the rotate 180 option and then rotating it back. That fixed the dpad. It was as if it had defaulted to the the landscape setting--interesting, but took 5 hours for my brain to think to do it. As expected, no sig help from Palm or Cingular other than making me try about 10 diff hard resets! So if this ever happens to you, try the above first!
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    I had exactly the same problem after performing a full restore using Sprite Backup.

    It had me stumped for quite a while before I used the rotate screen function that is built into pBar.


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