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    I am trying to multi-task on my Treo 700W, but it will only let me open one or two applications at a time. I must be missing something. I opened Calendar and Contacts at the same time and I was OK. I then opened Notes and it closed the first two applications. I find that I can only keep one or two appliacations running. The OS seems to close the others after a very short time.

    I did the same thing on my 8525. I opened 9 applications without a problem and could probably have opened more. They were all running fine.

    Why can't I do that on my Treo. It seems like I am missing a setting, but where?
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    The W has very little RAM, and if it needs some, it automatically closes some apps in order to free some. If you reset, you can open more than 2 for a while.
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    That did it. Amazing what a reset will do. I launched 9 applications while recording using Audacity. Thanks for the advice. I should have known.
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    two things you can do:

    1) Lower the memory threshold for closing apps:

    2) Have Oxios Hibernate around, it frees up some memory should you need some:
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    Lowering the memory threshold works wonders. The 700wx has twice the memory of the 700w and fixes this problem.
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    Here's your fix. Take the battery out of the 700W and throw the device out the window. Now, get a 700wx. If you just bought your W, call up Verizon/Sprint and demand they take it back.

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