Ive read likely every thread on here that I can find around the settings needed to get this working. Ive downloaded custom GRPS Scripts, one called Cingular Orange, and I think in total, about 6-8 of them.

All settings I've tried have failed.

On my phone, i have incoming beams enabled, I have bluetoot enabled and discoverable.

The main three settings in Internet Connect / Bluetooth

Telephone #: tried *99#, **99***1#, *99***1#, wap.cingular, ect.
Username : from blank, to WAP@CINGULARGRPS.COM
Password: from Blank, to CINGULAR1

I even downloaded a generic script creator, set the arn to wap.cingular and played with the various settings mentioned above with no luck.

Is there something else that I could possibly be missing? Ive been trying to get this to work for a while now.

Thanks in advance