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    What do you consider the best wireless headset, I have a generic one now and can't get the volume out of it I need.
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    You'll probably get a thousand different recommendations here. So, I'll start with the first couple. I've used a lot of headsets over the years and go between loving them and hating them, in general.

    The Motorola H700 is a very good headset mainly because it has a foldable boom. You can turn it off when you're not using it and just open the boom when you get a call and use it. I find this type of headset is great for people that just use their headset in the car, maybe just certain times or don't get many phone calls. It saves on battery life on the headset and phone, big time.

    If you're looking for noise cancellation, there's really one one game in town, the Jawbone. It costs a fortune, but the noise cancellation is insane. Search the web for some reviews and you'll see videos of people testing it out. It's really crazy.

    Right now, I have a Samsung WEP200. It's a pretty good headset. It's super small and you rarely notice it's in your ear. It sounds great and the volume range is good. I've had complaints from people I talk to that they can't hear me or I sound like I'm on a crappy speakerphone, so I've stopped using it. This may be something with me or that specific headset though.

    I'm thinking about getting the Palm Ultralight headset, mainly because I'm anal about my accessories matching. I bought the WEP200 when I was using a Blackjack.

    One last thing, try surfing around the treocentral store and see what options are out there. The guys here review a lot of them, so you can get a good idea of what you like and then google the heck out of the headsets looking for reviews. Good luck!

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    I have the Motorola 700, but I just got the Treo750 and haven't hooked it up yet. The 700 is ok, people have complained of background noise and what not. I'm thinking of picking up the Jawbone. A buddy of mine has one and says it's the best he has ever owned, I guess the noise cancelation really works. I just checked out some video's on youtube and it looks pretty impressive, just sucks that it's $120.
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    JX10 works wonderfully, bud it too is expensive
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    Palm Ultralight.
    My second BT headset.

    Why did I buy it: Small an unobtrusive. The in ear mechanism looks like it won't work, but once you try it you find out how fantastic it is.
    The accessories includes a charger that uses you palm cable to charge the device, AND it includes an adapter that allows you to charge it from an AAA battery if you are on the road.

    Voice quality and volume is great.
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    Take a look at the basic Treo BT.($49 @TreoCentral Store)
    The charger the same one that the Treo uses so you end up w/2 chargers for the treo or BT.
    Works great for me-no static and maintians the connection.
    Give it a go.
    Good Luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattycerts View Post
    JX10 works wonderfully, bud it too is expensive
    Yes, pair it with the jabra eargels and it's one of the smallest most comfortable bluetooth headsets I've ever used. Nothing beats it in performance for its size and comfort.
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    I have had and tried a ton of them, IMO, plantronics for your money's worth.

    currently using the discovery 655 (in the ear or add over ear loop), GREAT!
    I also have a couple of the 510 voyagers (over the ear), and a couple of the the plantronics 590a stereo headphones.

    I also heard Jawbone is good, but haven't tried it yet.

    Motorola also makes quality devices, but my pref is Plantronics.
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    I would have to give the Motorola 700 a thumbs down since there are so many other options out there. I also have an older Motorola HS810 and it was flawless with connecting. The 700 is much less reliable with my 750. Voice quality is just average. And I cannot get over the fact that the the mute function causes an audible beep every 2 seconds that makes it impossible to follow the conversation while muted...thus the mute function is worthless for me. Much too expensive for such a mediocre set.
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    For whatever reason my Treo original BT wireless headset doesn't want to play nice with my 750. On the "devices" screen its little icon turns from a picture of a headset to a yellow circle with a questionmark and I have to manually re-pair it with my 750. My Cardo Scala 500 however works flawlessly, and the 750 finds it and pairs up without question.

    My wife whines about voice quality for both. I've reverted to wired headsets. -- the cheap junky ones that came with the multiple Treos I have purchased. They hurt my ears.

    Jawbone, eh?
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    I've had the Jabra BT250, the Cardo Scala 500, the Jabra JX10 and now the Samsung WEP 200. I love the Samsung. I have recommended it to 3 other people who all love it as well. Sound is great, sometimes I have to reduce it because it is too loud. Of course, it could use Windguard technology like the Cardo Scala has, but you can't have everything, right? lol
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    Plantronics Voyager 510 is phenomenal. It's an over-the-ear type model like the Jabra BT250 but way smaller. Been out a year or more but the performance is stellar. Check reviews on Cnet.
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    I had some complaints about the JX10 the last time I used it, but it may be because of my other complaint, it is too small. The complaints about sound were after it went through the washer.

    It is completely dry by now, so I'll see how it goes on my upcoming trip. The only time I use a headset is when driving an extended period in the car.
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    After reading this post I am about to purchase the Plantronics 655, any other suggestion??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amstel View Post
    After reading this post I am about to purchase the Plantronics 655, any other suggestion??
    Yes, I've tried this headset, trust me when I say the outgoing voice sounds very digitized. I chose the JX-10 over it because it's smaller, more comfortable, and sounds better.
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    count my vote for the JX10...i have the wep, the sound quality of the JX10 is great...the connectivity is also great...such as if you forget to turn your bt on and you have already placed the call...when you turn it on, the jx10 connects faster then the wep...sometimes the wep doesnt even connect...
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    I found this review on the JX-10:
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    What if you are hard of hearing, not deaf or needing a hearing aide it is just that my current headset doesn't go loud enough. It is a Motorola copy that my boss came up with somewhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taylorh View Post
    Cnet is the worst place to look for reviews. I would highly recommend googling the terms "jabra" "jx10" and "review" together or check out the user reviews on amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D View Post
    Cnet is the worst place to look for reviews. I would highly recommend googling the terms "jabra" "jx10" and "review" together or check out the user reviews on amazon.
    I completely agree. The people there have no idea. Try watching the videos, they make errors all the time. I always Google for reviews and check as well.

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