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    JAWBONE - The best I have ever tested and used! BY FAR!!! If you dont get a jawbone, JX10 is the next closest in audio quality without the noise reduction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Interstink View Post
    JAWBONE - The best I have ever tested and used! BY FAR!!! If you dont get a jawbone, JX10 is the next closest in audio quality without the noise reduction.
    The distinction you make between the jawbone and the JX10, though, is really whether you wanna feel like you just walked out of the nearest borg cube. The jawbone just feels big, like it's growing out of your ear. The JX10, on the other hand, is tiny and paired with the Jabra eargels you can pick up from radio shack, is perhaps the most comfortable thing I've ever put in my ear. IF you go with the JX10, though, be sure to pick it up from a reputable reseller, not ebay, because like some other headsets, it has some clones out there, and you wanna make sure to get the real Jabra to get the quality product.

    Resellers I'd recommend are ones like Treocentral's store, or amazon. I picked mine up from costco, but I don't think costco carries them anymore.
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    Thanks for the advices. I finally decided to go for the Plantronics Discovery as I just loved the design. The first test I have made, the sound is good but to be honest, I did expect a much better sound compared with the Jabra
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    Can some of you that have had positive experiences with your BT headset comment on the Mute function? I am looking for a headset that can mute with a one-button-push on the headset AND has no beeping that interrupts the conversation so that you can hear all that is said while muted. Thanks.
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    With my 750, I have used a Motorola, H700, H3 and H5. Out of those three the 700 is the best. I love my H5 but it just does not like to stay in my ear. Also, the talk time on the H5 is too short.
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    I will second the jawbone, and also make sure as merlyn said dont buy headsets off ebay (or be darn careful!) every motorola headset i ever owned stunk, which shocked me becuase im kind of a moto fanboy. I also always got them one bay becuase they were 1/3 the price of retail. You get what you pay for, there are tons of clones floating around especially motorolas on ebay.
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    I bought the Jawbone and it works very, very well. The noise reduction is impressive.
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    I have to agree with some that say the jawbone's design needs a "little" help. It is a bit large compared to other BT Roaches, but the performance is what I require more then looks.

    If my clients cant hear me, what's the point. I almost dont care how well it sounds in my ear as long as the people im talking to hear me perfectly.

    Lets put it this way... I DO NOT have to close my windows when driving!
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