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    I need some help and advice Please

    I have the Sprint 700WX and i love to you windows media player to stream Audio from a sports talk radio station in England it works really good.

    I would love to be able to be able to connect it to my car stereo. I found that the Sony BT2500 allows streaming audio from bluetooth. I went down to best buy and tried to play with it. I was able to get the phone part working. but not the streaming audio.

    The sales guy said other phones have done it and they have a bluetooth pairing for Audio streaming...

    Can anyone tell me if there is something i need to do to my phone to allow this to work ?

    I dont want to spend about 300 and then find out it does not work



    update : being doing reading do i need to install the A2DP ?
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    Yea, you need to install the new stack with A2DP, and then try it again. It should work after you do that.
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    I did that but it seemed to have fried my treo its wont get past the splash screen i cant even do a hard reset and wipe it

    Update Sprint gave me a new one dare i try again?
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