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    Hi All,

    I am considering the Treo 700wx and was hoping I could get some feedback from current users regarding itís functionality. Currently I carry two (2) devices. My Dell Axim x51v and a Bluetooth phone (Samsung u740). I subscribe to the unlimited data plan as well as the tethering option so I can access the Internet at any time from either my Axim or my Laptop. Though this setup works well, I am looking to go down to carrying one (1) device.

    I was all set to go with the 8830 Blackberry as I like the Blackberry OS, however recent postings in Blackberry forums reveal a phone that has limited memory and a possible memory leak issue (reminds me of the Treo 700w problems). I have used the xv6700 in the past but I found it would lock up occasionally, causing me to miss important calls. I also didnít feel the 6700 worked well in a one handed fashion, which is something I would like to be able to do.

    So that leads me to the Treo 700wx. I like the form factor and the build quality of the phone. I am aware that it cannot initiate a voice dial via the Bluetooth headset but I think I can live with that. I am wondering mostly about two (3) things...

    1) How have you all adjusted to the small 240x240 screen? Do apps like Pocket Informant run well on it?

    2) Is the 64MB of RAM in the 700wx enough to solve the issues that the 700w had?

    Thanks in advance for any insight or comments!

    - DTG
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    Lets see what we can do to help you out here!! I went from a few older Palms myself (m505, and further back) and one thing I can tell you for sure, is that the wx is a winner in my book.

    As far as screen size, I won't lie, you can always use more space, but the Treo is large enough to work comfortably on.

    I have found more that enough apps to suit my needs, and a few forums to customize my device just the way I like!

    Memory, like screen size, is an area where 'enough' does not work as a can ALWAYS use more. But I have enough loaded on my wx (using a 2 gb card) to keep myself productive and entertained quite nicely.

    I had a Samsung i730 before this, and I loved the large screen, but when I started using the wx, I never looked back, it is a fantastic device!!!!
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    The screen size isn't a big deal, the device performance makes up for a lack of a big screen, like syrguy said, you can always use more memory, so an sd would be helpful, but overall it's a solid phone, you shouldn't have any memory issues...
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    My thinking is it has the same memory as my Dell Axim x51v and I have been very happy with it. Does the processor speed (312 Mhz) give any cause for concern? I don't really run multiple apps at once. But I would like to run programs like Pocket Informant and FlexMail. Thanks again for the responses!

    - DTG
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    I can tell you this, I have used the 700w, xv6700, Moto Q Black and the 650. The WX is the best of what is out there. Screen size never bothered me at all and the memory has been sufficient.
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    you're also going to have to shift your thinking, from 'this is a PDA' (with your Axim), to 'this is a converged device' (with the Treo). Let me explain:

    Things you did with the Axim:

    - used the stylus a lot
    - Used it with two hands
    - tapped on the screen to do things
    - looked up stuff, kept your calendar
    - wi-fi (I'm guessing)
    - probably a ton of browsing
    - big
    - bulky
    - loaded it up with all sorts of enhancements (like Pkt Inf, for instance)

    Things you did with your Samsung:

    - one handed dialing
    - stylus? huh - no way
    - Small
    - Light
    - Made phone calls
    - light browsing, if at all

    So, then the Treo COMBINES those, as you know. My point is this - don't think of the Treo as a PDA first, phone second thing - think of it as a unique beast:

    - One handed dialing of phone calls
    - Really one handed navigation of the whole thing
    - Really no need (IMHO) to trick it up with Today screen stuff - Agenda, Pocket Informant, whatever, due to the way Palm made changes to the Today screen setup. I've tried them all, ditched 'em all. I like mine the way it was designed (except for some cool green themes I got here on these boards)
    - No stylus need, really ever
    - Tons of browsing, all one handed
    - You get the idea

    So - to borrow the phrase from Nissan - SHIFT your thinking and you'll like the device, better, in the end.

    Climbing down off the soapbox for now...

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