Hey does anyone know if there is a bluetooth gamepad that works with the wm treos?

I foolishly bought the pgp100 http://www.smartgamepad.com/ off of ebay with out even checking the compatibility. It works with a lot of ppc phones and ppc's, but the treo 700wx isnt listed, and i cant get the stupid thing to work. It is listed as able to run on these devices:

PocketPC Phones:

-Acer: N30
-Audiovox: PPC6700, XV6600
-Asus: P505 Pocket PC Phone
-BenQ: P50
-Dopod: 699, 700, 818, 818 pro, 828, 838, 900
-E-Ten: M500, M600
-IMate: Jam , PDA2K , Pocket PC Phone Edition
-Lenovo: ET980
-Orange: M1000, M2000, M3000, M500
-O2: Xda 2 , Xda 2i , Xda 2s , Xda 2 mini
-iDo: S600
-Qtek: S100, S110, 2020, 9090
-HP: h6340, hw6515
-Siemens: SX66
-T-Mobile: MDA compact, MDA II, MDA III


-Dell Axim: X30, X50, X50v, X51, X51v
-HP iPaq: h1940/h1945, h2210/h2215 , h5550/h5555, h6340/h6365, rx3417, rx3715 , hx4700/hx4705, hx2110, hx2400, hx2410, hx2415, hx2490, hx2700, hx2750
-Fujitsu/Siemens: Pocket LOOX 718

Anyone know if there is a way to make it work? I really want to get it to work with my snes emulator.

If anyone can figure this out I would be grateful. Thanks!