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    Hi, I'm currently using a treo 750v and i believe that the message sent notification bubble is disabled by default. Is there a way i can enable this feature back because I find it useful to know wherether the message is sent out successfully before switching off my phone? Thanks in advance.
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    No, because the Palm app overrides the Windows settings...

    BUT, while in the app, sending a msg, right after you send it the msg goes to the "outbox." When it is sent, it moves to the SENT ITEMS section. A couple of presses up and right on the D-pad and you can easily see if it was sent.
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    i was hoping to be able to enable the bubble so that i can safely switch off my treo only after my message is sent successfully. there are times when multiple copies of the same message is sent to the same recepient because I switched off it off before the message sending is complete, apparently.

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