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    Hey All,

    Im wondering how to accomplish this. I have searched but I did not find the problem I am having here unless I am blind.

    Im on the Sprint Network. I had the Phone as a Modem option added to my account, downloaded the software from the website, installed it and ran it. I went into my phone, went to Modem Link, set to USB and activated it but nothing happened. The software does not reconginze my phone as a Sprint Vision PCS phone but it does have it in the list when I check the Device Info & Diagnostics but I can not get it to work.

    I do have the [EV] and the <-EV-> symbols on my phone (which in the manual said was a requirement) but for some reason I can not get my phone to work with my computer (which is running Windows XP Media) and let the program use it as a modem.

    I called Sprint to try and get some help but they only led me through what I have done a few times (uninstall program, reboot, reinstall, reconnect and acitavte modem link). They told me they would send a ticket to their experts and they should get back to me within a couple of days. Im trying to see if anyone has had this problem or can shed some info that may help me do this on my own. Any help?
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    I had this problem too, but with Verizon.

    It sounds like your computer doesn't have the drivers for the phone, which was my case also.
    Verizon sent me here to get them:
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    Would those work for my phone even if its from Verizon?

    I thought the program that I downloaded from Sprints website would have invluded the drivers. Since not though, I will try that. Thanks!
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    Ok this is weird now. The program will see the phone.. but only when I am uninstalling the drivers through the Device Manager.. and when I try to connect, it disconnects and gives a #633 error, modem is in use or configured incorrectly.
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    Those are the drivers for the 700wx for XP and should be carrier independant.

    I don't know what the #633 error is, are there and yellow question marks in your device manager?
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    The only Yellow mark is a yellow exclimation mark, but the only way to see it is to select show hidden. The item with this mark is Serial under Non-Plug and Play Drivers
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    What about Linux? I'm insalling Damn Small Linux on my old Laptop and would like to be able to use the TReo700wx as a modem.

    Are there drivers for Linux?

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