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    I was over at PPCGeeks and saw this cool app. cozboogie found this music identification app, it is so cool!!!!! All you do is place the exe on your Treo (not an install, just place the file in the phone.) after that, you run the program when you hear a song you can't think of the name of, or who sang it, hold your phone close to the speaker, and watch the app tell you all the info...title, artist, album, and possible album art as well!!!!

    I will include the thread from the posting, they go on to tell you how to use it beyond the trial.

    What do you guys think?[ATTACH]

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    works! very cool
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    I downloaded the app, tried to ID one song (it didn't work; The Clash - Police & Thieves), and now it just sits on the screen that says your trial period has three days; I can't click to "subscribe" or "ID again". When I tap on them nothing happens; it's basically frozen. What folder does the app need to be in to work? Does it matter if the Cingular proxy is turned on or off? What do I need to clean out (and where) to get a clean start to try again?

    Please advise
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    Quite honestly the guys over at PPCGeeks (on the first post) really know their stuff, but from what your saying, I think this app was created for a true smartphone, tapping on the screen will not do anything, you need to use the buttons, you should be able to click the menu button under 'resume trial version', and use the 5 way control pad for menu navigation.

    As a bonus, the guys over at that link have a mortscript program, or reg codes to extend the trial period indefinetly!!

    Let me know if you need help, and can't get to/use PPCGeeks, and I will do whatever I can for you to get it working.
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    Thanks for the response, but it's still not working. I deleted it and started over with a new download and it says that the zip file is corrupted. Could you please repost as just an .exe file (it's not that much larger) so I can try again?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I guess you can't post .exe files on here, if you want to PM me your email I will mail it to you. How are you installing?

    Let's see if we can get this working for ya!!!
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    Downloaded the .exe file from and got it working. It has been accurate about 75-80% of the time. It got Manu Chao, but not Charanga Cakewalk. It also didn't ID Bob Schneider? When it does find them though it's pretty cool!

    I'm still trying to figure out the reg edit to extend the trial version. I tried the one posted on ppcgeeks using Resco's registry editor but it wouldn't accept the DWORD data values. I guess I either need to find a different registry editor or use the Mortscript script they posted. Haven't used Mortscript yet but I'm building up my courage to do so.

    Thanks for the tip and the cool app!!
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    The part that got me with the reg edits, was using hex entries. Have you entered the changes in using the hex setting?
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    I was looking at the existing Dec values and needed to change to Hex. Once I did that, it worked. I had like 26,000 days for my trial! But I don't think it liked it because when I went to use it, I got a warning screen that said I needed to be subscribed to use Music I'D, so I deleted everything out and cleared the registry. I think I'll just reload from the zip file on my card and then dump it after use until I can figure out how to use that Mortscript posted over at ppcgeeks.

    Oh well.
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    That error was a new one to me! Did you get that after you pushed 'Continue With Trial'?

    Doesn't that suck, even with the reg entries, we only get about 77 years.....what are we going to do after that????
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    I got the warning when I tried to ID a song. I wonder if the server can tell if the software has been fiddled with?

    I'll just keep loading from the card and deleting out before the three days until I can try to figure out Mortscript.

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