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    N O C - T o d a y - (MRTG Data for your Today Screen)

    NOC = Network Operations Center
    MRTG = Multi Router Traffic Grapher

    If you or your company runs MRTG to graph your Router Traffic, Server Stats, Environmental Data, etc. and you would like a way to display these values on your today screen, this is the Today Plugin for you! (Not using carrier line - NOC-Today is a stand-alone today plugin)

    Checks your MRTG statistics graph data, and posts the Current Values on your today screen. NOC-Today rotates these values on a single line. (See below image - NOC-Today is the first TEXT line on today screen image.)

    I have also created menu items to display the actual MRTG Graphs (Image).

    If you run MRTG and would like this plugin, I can work on an installer for End User install. Currently is all hard-coded for my companies NOC.

    Today Image:

    MRTG Graph Sample:
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    Hey Inter, very nice job! That's a useful plugin
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    Good job
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    Thanks, still needs some tweaks, and maybe an ini file for the locations and variable/value size of the data so others will be able to use this without hacking the hell out of my code.

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