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    Anyone have problems with the usb cord coming loose from the phone?

    I barely move the phone and the right side of the connector into the phone becomase ajar and knocks me offline when using the phone as a modem or knocks off ActiveSync.
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    yup the clips on it are poorly designed, they dont even lock in place to hole into the phone. very poor design on the connector.
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    Yep, same here.
    I ended up just ripping out the whole plastic case out the connector, now it snaps much, much more firmly, and i dont have to worry about moving the phone.

    I thought the problem was with the tiny little golden connectors but it's actually the plastic enclosure that was making it snap out of place.

    Oh also, after that DONT use it to charge your phone , if you take out the plastic casing out it will expose the hardware so i'm sure it's not safe if you charge it. I even put some isolation tape around it , even though I don't charge it. It's probably a good idea for everyone else too.
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    yeh i noticed that too theres gold clips on the plastic pins to hold it in the phone but the plastic itself it not allowing it to "snap" in. what a poor design to it. you figure anyone testing the hardware would have noticed it. it pops out with the slightest movement

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