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    I hope some that some of you kind folks could perhaps answer a few queries that ive got regarding the 750 as im seriously considering putting down the cash for one.

    My current situation is this:
    My personal phone for the last 6 months has been a Sidekick 3. Work phone is an 88 Sirocco and I carry a Tmobile Vario 2 (HTC Tytn) at work simply due to its incredible versitility.

    However, my previous personal phone was an HTC Alpine and whilst the fulll size keyboard of the SK3 is great, Tmobile UK has cut back on an awful lot of the features (no MSN or YIM and the web based back up side has been severely curtailed) and whilst these things werent essential I am sad to say that despite being phenomenaly "Pro Sidekick" ive found myself looking back with more and more fondness at having a windows device that would talk to outlook back up all my stuff and connect to a PC without any hassle.

    The previous work phone was a Treo 650 and I loved it. Probably more than my own Alpine (as some of my work phone bills proved so the idea of the 750 being able to combine all of the things I want from my personal phone was a good one

    I currently have an o2 contract that I am due an upgrade on and have been quoted 250 for an o2 locked 750 or I can get a sim free unlocked one for 400 including Tom Tom 6 GPS.

    Now I have worked in the mobile industry for three years and been into mobiles in an unhealthily eager way for more than 3 years before that. In my time ive seen many a network operator's software ruin many a good phone and the last thing I want is to shell out 250 and get a Palm/Windows/o2's ******* lovechild of a phone that I cant do anything about. Now I have read alot of threads on here about unlocking treo 750's but I dont just want to take the sim lock off I want to eradicate every last trace of o2 on the phone.

    So what I need to know is if it is possible to completely reflash the system and return a branded 750 to its pure and virginal state or should I not take the risk and just grit my teeth and pay for a sim free one that I can then use with any sim and any set of settings I choose to.

    Also Ive noticed some of you guys have had problems getting BBC to work on branded treos. I have the app cd from my Tytn and id love to get it to work on any 750 I buy. But I cant figure out from the wording of the threads if its that BBC WONT work on a 750 or only on a Cingular version.

    I do hope someone has a few answers as they would be much appreciated


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    BBC works on the 750v, which is the Vodafone version, if that helps.

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    The Treo 750 Voda edition seems to be almost unaltered. I know the Cingular version has the proxy thing and the BBC blocked. I don't think you'd get into much problems leaving the Vodafone version as is.
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    I went for the totally unlocked 750 via Expansys/MobilePlanet and it is superb.

    Well, I am having trouble keeping the Treo BT Headset paired with it. The Cardo Scala 500 is no probs.
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    Much appreciated guys. Im very much leaning towards just paying out the money and getting the fully unlocked one from Expansys and getting the sat nav with it.

    If it runs BBC when i get it so much the better but at worst ill just run a POP3 system to my hotmail account. Im on web n walk max so its hardly as if it matters lol

    Ta all for the speedy responses

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