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    My Motorola S9's are on backorder, so I have to wait for awhile. I'm thinking of just buying wired stereo headsets in the meanwhile. I have heard of intermittent problems regarding only hearing on one earpiece when listening to music. So I was wondering what wired stereo headset that you guys are using and would recommend.
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    I use a pair of Sony earbuds and a stereo adapter I found over on treonauts.... I could not find it at my local Radio Shack but it works great.
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    Before switching to BT I was using the adapter from Treonauts as well. Any headset should work fine, no issues. When on a plane I will sometimes still use my Bose Quite Comforts. Sounds perfect.
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    I am currently using the Seido combination stereo/phone headset (behind the head type of headphones).

    So far, so good, though I think I will replace them with some form of ear buds with the same functionality.
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    Thanks. I was looking into the combo headsets as well. I don't plan to spend much, since I'll be getting the Motorola S9's, so I'm looking at these either the
    Palm Hybrid Headset/Headphones or the Smartphone Experts Hybrid Headphones.

    I may also consider buying the Smartphone Experts ActiveLife Workout Case at a later point. I walk allot and the belt clip is sufficient enough.

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