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    Hi i just got the treo 700wx and i have a few questions about it.

    I downloaded the TCMCP media player but I cannot figure out how to stream videos with it. Is there some special plugin that i need.

    Is there anyoneway to text picture messages or do i have to send them through email cause thats a pain for people who dont have smartphones and stuff because I cant send them pictures.

    Is there a way to get aim on this phone it comes with msn but I would prefer aim.

    lastly is there any way at all to be able to listen to music on myspace/purevolum and stuff that we be really great.

    thank you for your patience as im sure these questions have been asked before but i cant seem to find the answers on my own.

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    hi, i'm also a new user, and i've got some questions as well..i saw this thread and decided to take the opp to post.

    how do i install zip files from the internet after i download it onto my computer? i've dl cab files from the internet from the Ie browser on my fone, and i got total commander which was supposed to open zip files for you but i tried and didn't work.

    how do i get voice command to work on this fone? i got voice dialing from following the instructions from the sprint guide, but how do i just tell the fone to open up programs for me? i've read that you can do that on one of the threads on this forum but they didn't go in depth bout how i could do it. thanx

    joshexists, from surfing the forum so far..u can get aim for free if u search for the uk hack version, but from what i've read, it slows ur fone down? there are also programs like agile messenger that u have to pay for.
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    For TCPMP, just make sure you have the right file associations (Open TCPMP, click options --> settings --> then, under the "Select Page" menu, choose "File Associations" and tick the type of files you want TCPMP to play.)

    For AIM, try the UK version, it works See

    For voice command, I've assigned the button below the volume control to voice command, and I just hold it and say "Start TCPMP" and it starts it. You can also say "Play 'artist name'", "What time is it","When's my next appointment"...stuff like that.

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