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    When I turn my treo on and it gets to the today screen.. for maybe 1 second the left softkey will display "Phone" and my right softkey will display "Contacts"

    After that milisecond itll display the left softkey as "Messaging" and the left softkey as "Menu"

    Im thinking that the phone thinks its running palm os for that 1st milisecond of startup then it realizes wait, im the 700wx, which is windows mobile

    do Palm OS users have the left softkey as "phone" and the right as "contacts"?

    Because i would really like to switch my soft keys to those functions but theirs no setting to do that

    anyone know of a reg edit???? anything

    thanks in advance
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    I know there is a registry key to assign another app for the left softkey, but the right softkey cannot be changed. Unless you use AE Buttons Plus, which allows you to reassign any of your buttons, including the softkeys.

    I'll edit this post or someone may chime in regarding the registry for the left softkey.
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    Unfortunately, with the Treo, since it uses Palm customizations that overwrite the default softkey settings, playing with those buttons is a risky proposition in my experience. It can be done, but the registry will sometimes get confused as to which settings it's supposed to obey - yours or the ones that are supposed to load...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienwhere View Post
    Unfortunately, with the Treo, since it uses Palm customizations that overwrite the default softkey settings,...
    Yes thats what I was trying to say.. The default Palm customizations are quickly overwritten by the Windows mobile customizations at startup.

    But it's ok, My second choice for the left softkey would have been "Messaging" and as for the right softkey "Menu" when you press it, contacts is right there, along with dial pad and call log.. Which is a pretty good selection of operations for that button. Along with the call button, dial pad and contacts are in the sub menu.

    but no biggie, just have to navagate through a little sub menu, instead of going straight to the function that i would want it to. nothing i cant deal with.
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