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    Anyone know an easy way to delete Outlook email on my 700wx?

    I've never used it on any windows mobile device, including the one I've got now..

    I've finally just gotten sick of seeing it when I'm scrolling through text messages/mms and the other email accounts that ive set up..

    Anyone know a simple soloution?

    reg edit so it just wont show up anymore? Or can I just delete a system file?

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
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    Uncheck it on Activesync on your PC so it won't sync your email.
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    Unfortunately just not syncing via activesync will not delete the outlook email. I have not seen anyone discuss a way to get rid of this, so I have learned to live with it.
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    Thank you, and yes ive been living with it for awhile, im new to this site.. ive been reading though, through threads on here and i see plenty of reg edits and other ways to tweak the system internals for issues that really dont even matter.. i wouldnt even have asked but im sure theirs someone out there that is pretty good with the registry and also dosnt use outlook.. and cant put up with little things without going insane.. haha, i hope that person comes across this thread.

    oh and eddie i dont sync outlook, so its just a big blank email account in my treo..

    "bad ash" understood.

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