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    So I am wondering if there is a way to send an sms message to multiple people by selecting multiple people at once vs selecting one contact, then finding another person, and selecting a 2nd contact and so on.

    The alternative is to set it up so i can message people in groups? like sending 100 people the same message?

    I just transfered to sprint from Tmobile and im hoping someone can help me with this!!
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    If you install the threaded sms app, you can do it...
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    really? i have seen lots of info about the threaded app, but i thought this was just to "thread" messages. Do you know a specific app that i can try to DL, Oh and can i DL it right to my phone, or do i have to sync it with my pc to dl it.

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    If you email cody (check the first sticky) he should send you the SMS app... ask him nicely and say thank you when/if he does. He's a nice lad. Then follow his awesome instructions in the same sticky. It will replace your built-in SMS functionality with a new better one. From there, you will have chat-style text messages, and you can send them to multiple recipients...

    You will have to grab the .cab from a PC first (easiest) although if yr getting email on your phone, and cody attaches it, technically, you wouldn't have to sync. The instructions are detailed, so a few minutes in front of a PC wouldn't hurt though. After that, smooth sailing...

    Check the sticky. It's easily the best app I have on my phone, and many would agree.

    Oh. And welcome to TC. In case no one's said it already. Searches are your best friend.
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    I am hoping this works out well for me, do you know how many messages you can send this to at a time? Im looking at something where i can text like 100-500 people as quickly as possible!

    either way i will install the program, and thanks for the pointers...!
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    I want to say you can maybe send out a message to 10 people at a time using the threaded sms hack.
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    OUch, thats not gonna work for what i need then! I was thinking of something easy, but i might have to go with something like
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    listen to the guy....on the sms app you CANNOT select multiple peolpe from your contacts at once, you have to add them to the same message one by one and you can send it to 20 people or do a reg edit and change to whatever but you DO have to select one at a time...i think what he is talking about is how on most sanyo phones you can put check marks next to people in your contact list andbe able to select multiple recipeints at once..
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    Exactly what im talking about. You know what really sucks. I selected like 30 people to send a message to, which it let me manually do, but then the kicker..... i tried to actually send it, and it said i can only send to 10pp maximum... what a bunch of crap!

    I guess ill have to figure something out, but this isnt working well..
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    one thing I do to send to 20 people at a time is manually select the recipiants, then save the blank message with the recipiants in the (to) field selected as a DRAFT. the go to drafts, and tap and hold the message till it says "copy to saved." Now whenever you need to send to those people go to "saved" folder and open the message and hit "resend."

    I have several "groups" set up that way. I know that's not what u really want but that's all there is for now till someone develops a group texting app. Sorry man.
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    Auto SMS Reply 2.0 by Byte Surge will allow mass SMS. You may want to look into that.
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    hey thanks for both of these suggestions, for now, i will try to set up drafts, thats a really good idea! And i will try to find a good program to mass message. Ill keep this board posted on what i find out.

    FYI - the reason i need the ability to send so many msgs is because i am a dj and party promoter, text works pretty good in compiling a guest list.
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    Auto SMS Reply 2.0 looks like a winner, thanks. But for $24.99? Call me cheep, but there has to be a cheeper or even free app like this right? If they can make it, someone can make a free one. Anyone know?

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