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    My old phone was a Sanyo MM-9000 with Sprint. My wife currently has that phone.

    Just for kicks, I decided to compare the RSSI reading to compare the signals.

    In our house, I usually get 1 bar on my 700WX, sometimes it'll drop down to none but I'll still have service. Very seldom I'll have 2 bars. If I go outside down the street, I'll get full bars, or very close to it.

    With the MM-9000 in the house, my wife usually has 3-4 bars and sometimes it'll drop down to 2.

    On the debug screen, the two phones had almost the same RSSI readings when they were side-by-side (usually within 1-2 dB of eachother). Sometimes the 700WX would be better, and sometimes the MM-9000 would be better.

    It just goes to show you that you can't go by bars at all.

    Although I wish we still had our old apartment lol, it was really close to the tower and I had almost a full signal indoors.
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    Just for the hell of it, I drove to work today with the debug screen on so I could compare the RSSI reading to the bars.

    The bar display on the 700WX is completely sporatic at times. There were times when the RSSI would read around 80 and I would have full bars, other times I would get 1 or no bars with the same reading.

    Then the RSSI was constantly in the 70's and the bars would jump around from full down to none, then to full again.

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