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    I have an Exchange account for work and a personal IMAP account. I have been using Chatter a long time on my 650. I've tried a lot of other email programs but always go back to Chatter quickly. I'm looking forward to the next WM Treo and wondering what it might be like to use the included email program? I like it that with WM tasks can be pushed. Right? Can anybody who used to use Chatter and is now using WM email programs tell us about the differences. This would help me make up my mind about getting a 755P or waiting for WM model.

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    I too used Chatter on a 650 for about a year and a half. I switched to Windows Mobile last August (ppc6700 first, then a 700wx in January). Chatter has tons more options and preferences, but Pocket Outlook/DirectPush just "works". The push calendar/contacts/tasks/email is very nice. The thing i miss most about Chatter is the instant changes with email (instant delete, instant marked-read, etc.) If you have DirectPush enabled (i.e. schedule set to 'as items arrive') email arrives mostly as soon as it appears in your inbox, but when you delete something, it doesn't delete right away. if you read a new email, it's not marked read in your inbox right away.

    But, with that said, I'm a battery-miser, and like to have as much battery at all times, so I have switched from 'as items arrive' to syncing every 15 minutes.

    My 2 cents....
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    650 with Chatter to a 700wx then a 750. Exchange and Outlook work extremely well together. For our personal IMAP account Outlook will do pull only but it works flawlessly. You pick how often Outlook talks to the IMAP account. I do this every 60 minutes and have no battery life problems for a puny 750 battery.
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    I don't miss chatter anymore. the exchange push is much better and also does the sync of calendar+task+contacts very well.
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    Yes the addition of OTA sync of contacts, calendar, and tasks puts WM and Outlook at the head of the class. I've never used Good, though. But Good would add another layer of complexity and cost, therefore is bad.
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    What I find coolest about Exchange Activesync is making a task on my desktop, marking it done on my smartphone, and finding it all synchronized on my pocketpc phone.

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    is there a quick tutorial how to set up direct push from a home pc to my treo 750?
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    Chatter was too buggy for me. I'm perfectly happy with direct push from Exchange now with my 700wx.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MVT View Post
    is there a quick tutorial how to set up direct push from a home pc to my treo 750?
    You need to be set up on exchange/small business server 2003 sp2 or later. If that is not an option search for hosted exchange and you will find a lot of cost effective solutions.
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    ActiveSync is great, but Outlook just doesn't compare with Chatter in features. That's why I picked up FlexMail, and so far, I haven't missed anything.
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