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    I just learned today that sometime in April Hawaii was updated to the new Rev A network. I read all the previous posts that say that the 700p cannot take advantage of the Rev A speed increases, but I am getting significantly better connection speeds now then I did with the old network.

    Is this possible? I don't think I am imagining this. In use everything seems much faster and I did some speed test using both USB Modem and Bluetooth and especially with BlueTooth the speeds are higher than I ever got with the old network...

    Using 1.6gz G4 PowerBook
    Tethered using bluetooth...
    @ 271k to 370k download
    Could not get an upload test to work for some reason.

    Tethered using USB...
    @ 390k to 488k download
    @ 68k upload

    I don't remember the numbers now, but before I don't think I ever got anything higher than 200k download speeds. Internet Connect always showed the speed as unknown, now it shows 234 kbit/s.

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    This is a 750 forum, not 700p. You might want to post this in the CDMA forum as well. You're right though, the 700p can't take advantage of the faster speeds, but perhaps some capacity has been added recently and that's why you're seeing better speeds.


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