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    I'm trying to use Photoshop to just create a simple color gradient to use as my today background. I've tried several different settings, resolutions, image sizes, and formats, but everything I've done looks gritty and not smooth enough.

    Can anyone shed some light on what kinds of image qualities I should be focusing on to make a very crisp looking color square? I really figured it wouldn't be this hard, but maybe I'm just missing something simple.

    In other words, what kind of image format, pixels/in, image size, and any other tricks or ideas on how to make it look as solid as possible.

    Thanks in advance...
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    i use gif format ( altho jpg never gave me problems) and 240x240 size. it does seem the you lose about 20 pixels on the bottom and the top though. due to the softkeys bar and taskbar.
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    Also use 16 bit colour to generate your gradient.

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    Great idea...I have Photo Shop as well so I started playing a is my first attempt...I know how to make the header bars black with UI tweaker, but have not figured out how to make them clear so the pic shows through.
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    but have not figured out how to make them clear so the pic shows through.
    On pocketpc phone you cant, but on smartphone you can.

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    I expected to lose the top and bottom with the bars, of course. I wasn't sure how to make a background image look as smooth as possible. For instance, the themes included with Spb Mobile Shell... the background color images are very rich and crisp, and everything I seem to make looks washed out on my Treo screen...

    I'm going to keep poking around until I find the right combination. Thanks for all the input thus far...
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    Its washed out on purpose, to keep the text visible. If you go to the pictures app and set a picture as your background there, you can set what percentage of transparency you want.

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    Perhaps washed out wasn't the right term. Obviously, when I create a 240x240 screen in Photoshop on a laptop with a 1650x1080 resolution, it's going to look different on my Treo screen - more pixelated, color fading will not be as smooth.

    For instance:

    Here is my screen with an Spb Mobile Shell theme - the blue background has a slight color gradient, but looks very rich and full of color.

    Here is the screen I made yesterday:

    The color fade begins to pixelate as the color gets lighter - right around "Monday June 4th" and "Dad's Birthday". Is there any way to avoid this?

    This may seem really silly, and I almost don't care, but I feel like I ought to know how to do this, and it's really annoying.

    Should I just go and make the color darker? Would that likely help?

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