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    Hey, I just heard through the grapevine that Sprite Software has already released a new product called Sprite Mobile Swipe. I have been beta test for that products and found it very useful.

    It basically will protect your mobile device information from unauthorized access in the event of theft or loss. From the creators of the award winning mobile recovery application, Sprite Backup, Sprite Swipe offers peace of mind when you need it most.

    More information about that product please go to the following link;

    Moreover, they are doing 30% sale now for a limited time. It is only $9.95 and a regular price is $14.95
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    I just stumbled across this program today. I've been very happy with Sprite Backup across 3 different devices, I'm sure Swipe will prove just as reliable as their backup solution. I downloaded the trial and expect I will purchase this within the hour.
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