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    I just bought an AT&T branded 750 via Craigslist. Trying to unlock it via and Both are giving me errors about my IMEI; gsmliberty saying "IMEI not found error or Wrong phone model ". What's my best bet here? I'm trying to get the sucker unlocked so I can use it; since I am not the original buyer, not sure what recourse I have.

    Any ideas?
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    take out the battery and use the imei # on there cause thats the correct one... *#06# brings up the imei # thats too long. thats where i had trouble with cingular trying to get my unlock code. the imei # on the back should work. hope this helps
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    The 15 digit number on the box and under the battery is just the first 15 digits of the 17 displayed by *#06#. I'm not sure I can call Cingular to find out what is happening since I was not the original phone buyer. Does anyone know whether the unlock service relies on the IMEI number to calculate the unlock code? Their web site implies that it does not.

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