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    So, my 700w was smashed today Its been a good phone, but it looks like I have to upgrade. So, if you HAD to pick one or the other, which would you go with and why?
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    Cool, I'm the first voter. I had the 6700 and traded it for the Treo 700wx. First I didn't like not having a thumb board, just could't get used to dialing on the screen. 2nd, the slide to type was just to cumbersome for one handed operation. 3rd the screen on the 700wx is much much better out doors. When I would rotate the screen on the 6700 to type I would have to take off my poliarized sunglasses or the screen would turn black. Battery life on the Treo is better. Only thing I miss on the 6700 is WiFi.
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    plus the 6800 will be out soon so skip the 6700 either way
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    Form factor.

    1.The Treo is smaller and VERY VERY One-handed. The 6700/6800 is not very one handed.

    2. The Treo is a Excellent Phone first and a decent PDA second. The 6700/6800 is a OK phone, and better PDA. I want Phone First.
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    Had the 6700. One handed operation sucks. Too low of storage space (always clearing explorer cache). Nice screen real estate. Frequent soft/hard resets.

    Treo hands down. I currently have like 36 mb of free storage space. One handed txt messaging. Battery life. Snappier WM 5. Better phone app. Better earpiece volume. You get my drift...
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    The 700wx has so many Palm optimizations, that its UI is much faster/responsive than the 6700 despite its faster hardware.

    I have a 700wx, but wouldn't mind getting my hands on a 6800 though when they come out.
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    Alright, I havent been real happy with my 700w as of late, its been acting up ALOT. freezing up, slow, hard resets havent helped. I hate to be in this position as I just know Palm will come out with something as soon as I get the 700wx!
  8. gottria's Avatar
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    I had the 700w and it sucked, low memory, lock ups, ect. Got the 700wx and man what a differance!!! Hopefully Palm will come out with a 755W Dude, go buy the 700wx tomorrow so Palm can introduce the 755W
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    I've never owned a 6700 but using one sucked.

    My Treo 700wx, even with its shortcomings, has been an excellent device.

    I'd go with the Treo.
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    Had the 6700 and was miserable, and was VERY fortunate that I got sprint to switch it out the day the 700 came out. I love my 700wx...even with its problems, it is by far the better phone/PDA.
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    Dude, you're asking on a 700wx forum.

    Go ask on a 6700 forum and the results will be reversed.

    BUT, I have used both, and IMO its not even close...wx of course.

    6700- A few more features, bigger screen, harder to use.

    WX- a few less features, smaller screen, MUCH easier to use.
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    What are you all seeing as shortcomings on the wx? I know what they were on my W.......
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    I would say small screen, no wifi (although most don't care about that one), crappy Bluetooth, no OS update in sight.
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    Obviously you're going to get a slanted opinion in this forum... That said, I owned a 6700 for about a year before getting a 700wx. The bigger screen and built-in WiFi were nice, but everything else was considerably inferior to the Treo. The 6700 has a very sluggish UI, and the battery life is atrocious. And, as everyone else has said, the usability between the 2 doesn't even compare. The 6700 was a pain to use at times, the Treo is a joy.

    I really only have one complaint about the 700wx: the ridiculous proprietary connector/charger. It's big, clumsy, prone to disconnecting and breaking, and worst of all you need to plug a seperate cable in just to charge it. If someone held a contest to design the worst connector possible, the Treo's would win hands-down. There's really no excuse for not following the mini-USB standard like other modern smartphones have.
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    Well...I don't have the Treo yet, so I'll give you an honest opinion about the 6700. I had it for about 3 weeks, and it wasn't too bad. I got used to the way it worked, even though it took a while to do it. I don't type all that much, so it wasn't too much of a hassle for me to slide out the keyboard whenever I needed it, but I can imagine the pain of having to slide it out all the time. The OS does indeed seem really slow on there compared to the Treos I've played with, but after a few tweaks, it's just as good. The WIFI is handy, but if you have a data plan, it's kind of redundant. The big screen is nice, too, but a pain to see in the sun. The phone part of mine didn't work all that well, which is mainly why I got rid of it. It would freeze up sometimes, and I just couldn't handle it anymore. Mine could have just been a little problematic. Of course, everyone will say that the 6700 is a PDA first and a phone second, which is very true. If you don't need a full powerhouse PDA, I'd say go for the Treo, since it has almost everything the 6700 does. To me it seems easier to type on the 6700, since it has the big keyboard, but I haven't used the Treo for an extended period of time, so it could just be that I have to get used to it. The free modem tethering is a big plus if you use that a lot. I don't know how I'm going to tether with my Treo because I can't disable NAI like I can on my a900, and it's not simply free like on the 6700. I just can't justify paying $40 a month for a service I may or may not use, depending on what I feel like.

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