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    I have a random alarm playing. After a soft reset, It will play over and over again, but continue to spead out the time between repeats. (Example: plays, waits one second, plays, waits 10 seconds, plays, waits 30 seconds, plays, waits 2 mins plays again). its rather annoying and I cant find it anywhere. Any thoughts?
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    I had the same issue. Check out this thread.
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    Update: It's also flashing the LED as if I installed NLED. I haven't use NLED since 2 hard resets. I thought the hard reset should remove NLED completely. BTW this is a Verizon 700wx, the LED from the factory did nothing more than blink for verizon network connectivity, it never flashed for missed calls or messages. However now it appears to be doing so. I tried to reinstall the new LED Alert app, and disablwe all alerts, no luck there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue0745 View Post
    I had the same issue. Check out this thread.
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    If you're cheap like me, and want a free program to do this, here ya go:

    Using this free app worked. Ran it did cleanup on Notifications, did a soft reset, then the bad notifications popped back up where I could now dismiss them.


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