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    Hey...I recently switched to the treo 700wx and had to get a new laptop...which unfortunately is VISTA. When I connect to PDAnet upon syncing through WMDC I obtain the connection sucessfully but within 30 Seconds the connection to both WMDC and Pdanet are dropped. I've tried disabling wifi as I thought maybe the dialup and wireless networks were competing but this has not solved the problem. As I am new to both VISTA and the 700wx I don't know what the problem is........HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I would first try this on a different pc if you can to see if VISTA as the problem.
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    PDAnet runs fine on my old xp laptop...where could I reearch this further?
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    I would check out the Microsoft Knowledge base. I'll see if I can dig anything up. You may also want to try disabling the Windows Firewall, see if that's blocking the new connection somehow.
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    Are you using version 1.73 of pdanet?
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    Also, do you have WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Center) installed yet?
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    yes I am running WMDC, PDAnet 1.73, and the firewall doesn't appear to effect the connection....I'm Stumped!

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