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    Hi, I'm currently using wisbar advanced 2 for my treo 750v and i've configured wa2 to really close apps (not minimize) when i tap on the "X" button on the top right corner of the screen. Is there a way to assign the "OK" button on the treo to do the same? I find that pressing the "OK" button only minimizes the apps.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Go into the control panel->buttons and look to see if WA2 placed a new entry for "close apps" (or something like that) and assign it to your OK button. I use iLauncher and it placed a new entry called iLauncher OKButton in my list.

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    thanks jgold! i'm using ilauncher too and now its working.
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    There is a new Beta for WA3. The first one didn't work on my 750, but the 2nd beta is working great. Now you can see the connection speed which I think is a huge plus.
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    I'm using SPB Pocket Plus, it also lets you switch between apps that you leave open as well as close them.

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