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    Well you get on it time but the time that show is one hour late.. Like you get at 4:00 but it saids 3:00? I am having this problem it started yesterday
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    I think it was a network thing, I had this issue start yesterday as well, it was eairly by one hour. It's funny because my replys have the right time on my phone, so it says they replied to a question an hour before I asked it... I think it's Sprint's way of showing they are providing great service. You get your messages before they were ever sent.
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    haha I was gonna post about this issue but apparently im not the only one having it, it started a few days ago but notice it is only in my case on the messages RECIEVED....when i send the sms it has the correct, its only on the replies back...any fix or idea whats causing this? no big deal but its just annoying

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