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    Need SP2 installed on the Exchange Server and all mobile items need to be activated on the account.
    Palm Treo 700w > VZW Treo 700wx
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    Are you able to install a program on your desktop PC?

    If so, have you tried Wireless Sync?
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    yeah i did try to uncheck the "ssl" box
    didn't work.

    tried going into my outlook and looking at those settings
    didn't work

    side question
    why does outlook list the exchange server as

    but web access shows it as

    (neither works for my purposes)

    My IT guys will not help me.
    they will not do ANYTHING for me.
    they almost had a stroke when I asked why the remote desktop connection port was blocked.

    I read that what I might have to do is set my work account to forward to a "dummy" email address that I can access through POP. Get messages that way.

    supposedly when I set up my "reply to" address I can enter that as my work account so it should be invisible to anyone that doesn't know.

    will let you know when I figure out how to defeat the IT department!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gravalic View Post
    I use Outlook. I was under the impression Wireless Sync pulled from the corp. exchange server...which I either don't have or don't have access to. Am I wrong about that? Does it pull from the local computer?
    The cool thing about PC monitor for Wireless Sync is that it can be installed on ANY computer that is connected to the corporate network and if installed in Workroup mode will allow you to add up to 20 individual users. It will allow your Treo to function just like a Blackberry with fully sync'd email, calendar, tasks etc.

    Simply find a computer that can remain on and connected to the corporate network, download and install the software. It will ask you for your Exchange credentials and Viola, once you configure the client on your device you're all set.

    For more info go to
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