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    I have a weird issue with my backlight now and then. I have my power mode set to not shut off when plugged into a power source (This keeps my bluetooth working when synced to my car and plugged in to the lighter).

    Even though the black light does shut off, the screen stays on, which is what I would expect. Here the weird thing, sometimes, not always though, if I get a text or a call or something and I touch the phones screen real quick, the back light gets saved to the lowest setting and I have to manually raise the back light again. Anyone else encouter any quirks like this?
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    I've got this same problem. It's a pain to have to reset the brightness everytime.

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    Crap, I remember this with my W. There is either a solution you can find by searching this forum, or, it might be a heat-related issue. Something tells me I remember my screen dimming when the battery would get warm. But I've never had this issue with my WX.
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    this is one of the only known issues with the sprint wx. maybe verizon as well. i hope this is fixed in an update. been there since 9/1/06
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    OK, I thought so, *** long as I am not just going nuts. For a split second every time it happens I get this fear that my backlight broke before I remember there is a bug.
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    is anyone using phone alarm? i had phone alam set up and for some reason that was changing my backlight settings and the same thing was happening to me. I took phone alarm off and viola, no more issues.

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