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    I have seen some threads here about a "vista Light" but cant find where to get it. Thanks!
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    There are a lot of themes out there, but if all you want to do is change the colors of the upper and lower bars, try UITweaker It takes getting used to, but you can do a LOT with it.UITweaker.CAB
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    Thanks! Do you know of a good place for free skins or do the all come at a cost? Where do I save the CAB...and what do I do then? Thanks again!
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    The easiest way.
    Download/unzip/copy the file to your windows folder and select it from today screen options.

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    ^^^ That's the way I do it! ^^^

    Then I find pics and resize them, and select them as my background.
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    There are a lot of themes posted over in PPCGeeks you can get some cool ones off the PPC freeware sites as well.

    and others, this should get you started, just search for themes on those sites.

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