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    whats rev A actually cover in particular? cause i know a few people said it does NOT cover the ability to surf the net and talk on the phone at the same time ,so what is so big about it?
    The Toshiba G900 is a gonna be a awesome phone and has a AMAZING resolution... the wm6 would be 320x320 does that REALLY make that big of a difference to the naked eye and where? I have 700wx now from having had a palm OS before which had the better res and its all the same to me.
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    rev A is merely a speed increase from 2.4Mbit/s to 3.1Mbit/s download and from 153 kbit/s to 1.8 Mbit/s upload. Overall giving an avg speed of over 1Mbit/s speed, but not a HUGE jump from current EVDO. And who knows what "real world" speeds will be as on PDA's we never see much more than 1Mbit/s currently on a 2.4Mbit/s max connection

    theres no g900 for cdma/sprint anyways. rumor is the new 755w (or whatever they name it) will be wm6 320x320 rev A

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