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    Ok, so I'm fairly pc-savy but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get this to work, or even if it's possible.
    What I'd like to do is listen to FreeFM (adam carolla, HeidiFrostyFrank, TomLeykis.) I navigate to the page then it tells me that i need to "You must download the Flash Player." I am able to stream this music when I'm tethered, with no problems. I've download Adobe Flash 7 Player 2-3 times, but it still says "You must download the Flash Player." I have verified that it is installed.
    Can someone check this site
    and tell me if they're able to get this on the phone itself (not tethered and listening on laptop, I can do that.)

    thanks - any hlep would be greatly appreciated.
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    I should add.....700wx VZW.
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    try this site... connects via WMP and works nicely. I found that site on this forum sometime back thanks to someone..
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    Thanks for the reply....however...I can't get that particular station to work, the wmp stations work fine, it's the ones that access "thestreamcenter" or stream the world.
    I just get the flash player saying first "Downloading" then it "Connection in Progress" then "Back-up connection in progress" but it never connects just keeps running the banner.

    Any other ideas? Can someone actually go to the sight to see if they can get it?

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    there's an mp3 link you can use there with TCPMP (which is free)
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    Nope, still doesn't work. It tries to download a .htm page then gives and error.

    Can someone try this site to see if they can get it to work, or is it just me?

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    Can someone please give this link a try? I really don't want to keep wasting my time on this if it's not working on anyone's phone

    Just a "yes it works" or a "no it doesn't work on mine either" would be great.

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    First off, the link is incorrect. It should be:

    Secondly, it requires Flash Player so, no, it doesn't work.
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    Ive had luck sending an email address to places such as this and ask for a pocketpc compatible link and alot of times they will provide it.
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    thanks gksmithlcw,
    sorry on the link, i copied it from the desktop.
    So that means that anything with flash player doesn't work? It does partially load the player, then just scrolls saying "connection in progress", or something like that.

    I've sent emails but no one has gotten back to me, I'll keep trying. I'd really like to get this station on my phone so I can listen when I'm traveling.

    Thanks again....any other suggestions?
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    this is the mp3 stream that will work in TCPMP
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    hit the return key too soon
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    Ok, that's the mp3 link that I'm trying to follow, but it gives me a " Unknown file format"

    Is there a plugin that I need?
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    PocketPlayer will play this .pls file for KLSX. TCPMP & Coreplayer will not. Just rename from .zip to .pls
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