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    When you tether your 750 to your laptop are you just using the 39.99 PDA unlimited plan? And if you are, cingular hasn't taken notice, or you haven't received any outragous bills?
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    There are no extra fees involved. It runs off of your data plan, just like if you were to use the internet directly off of your phone.
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    You are alowed to tether with the PDA plan, and its quite easy to set up without pdanet I believe. HOWEVER, if you want HSDPA speeds you must use pdanet. Worth the money IMO, but I bought pdanet well over a year ago.
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    I have the $19.99 plan with a bucket of txt included and haven't gotten any crazy bills yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pattycerts View Post
    ... if you want HSDPA speeds you must use pdanet.
    Do you get HSDPA speeds tethered on PDAnet? I didn't think tethering was compatible with the HSDPA hack. If so, it may be time to shell out the money for that program.
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    i heard you dont get hsdpa speeds thru tethering.

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