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    I'm trying to fix a problem that my wife is having with her 700w (verizon): She cannot access her corporate email via OWA or exchange.

    Her company has OWA access, and she can log on without any problem from any desktop. However, she has sporadic access to her OWA via the 700w. If she can log on, and browses from email to email - the OWA will log off and asks her to re-enter her password multiple times. . . eventually rejecting password / yielding an error (sorry I don't know which).

    Now, I have tried to setup Exchange Activesync for her . . . but the sync never completes - just keep getting a screen asking to correct her password.

    All of the settings for Exchange Activesync are the same as she uses for her OWA. I have read that if you can access OWA from a desktop, you can use Exchange Activesync - but I am stumped because I cannot seem to get this to work properly.

    Her IT dept will not support this issue (they are a small non-profit).

    I have searched this site (and other places on the internet), and have not really found a solution.

    Does anybody know what the issue could be? Thanks in advance.
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    Just because she can get OWA, does not mean she has activesync access.
    Can she log in using OMA? instead of /exchange use /OMA. Typically its true that if you can use Outlook Mobile Access then you can connect with activesync.

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