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    I am not sure if this has being mentioned before - but here is my question:

    If you have a missed call - you get the missed call log - is their a way to add that miss call as a contact without actually calling them back.

    When you call them back - I know you have the option to put a pop up to ask if you want to save this unknown person - but I don't see a similiar feature to just save someone whose call you missed without either writing the number down manually and then entering the info or calling that person back...

    If it is not possible within the 750 setup, does anyone know of a program that will allow me to do something similar?

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    Tap and hold on the missed call from the call log. There is an option asking if you want to add to contacts from the pop up menu.
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    Thanks trojan! - Exactly what I needed!
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    you can also use the 5-way to do a 'press and hold' with the same results. Just faster that way....

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