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    I have a Treo 700wx with a 4GB Transcend SD Card (TS4GSD150), I'm using the default Windows Media Player Mobile 10.2 Build 14929 to play mp3 files. All to often during playback the mp3 file pauses for a few seconds and then continues (I'm not running anything else and I'm not receiving any calls).
    Some files also suddenly end and the playback continues with the next file, I know it's not a problem with the files because I can play them until the end most of the time.

    What could be causing this?

    Thanks in advance...
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    It's just a hunch but it may be the read speed on you SD card. I, personally, am using a 4 GB Patriot and have no problems.

    To test, try putting a track or two into the phone's storage and see how they play from there.
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    Are you listening to the music via a Bluetooth headset or the Treo's speaker? If through a BT headset, it maybe the bitrate.
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    It's through the Treo's speaker, I can also sometimes have a good playback for over an hour without any hiccups.
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    My 700wx does that stoping then starting thing every once and awhile. it is very rarely so i don't pay it any mind.
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    BigmattFromJeRSeY: What SD card do you have?
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    Quote Originally Posted by larynx View Post
    BigmattFromJeRSeY: What SD card do you have?
    it says micro cencer on it. its a generic brand not like sandisk or kingston. and its a 2 Gig

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