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    I tried in vain to get DUN working (USB and Bluetooth) and could get nowhere.

    So I broke down and bought PDANet (I used it on my 650 and loved it). I can get it to work fine via USB but not via Bluetooth.

    The first time I got this message back:
    Connecting to your Device...
    Connecting to Data Network...
    Verifying User Name and Password...
    Dialup failed, error=629 (state=6)!
    But now whenever I try to connect it says:
    Bluetooth device not found or not setup properly
    My guess is I'm doing something very stupid, but damn if I can figure it out!

    Anybody have any pointers?

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    made some progress.

    i was missing a driver apparently, and fiddling with turning on and off the BT DUN service for the 750 device on my laptop eventually triggered the installation of that driver.

    so now i can connect, but i can't get out of my "Local Network", which is to say, it seems to dial up and make the connection, but Vista or Cingular won't let me out to the Internet (?).

    any clues at this stage?

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    i never set mine up with PDAnet, but i do connect quite frequently to my computer running vista. I go to control panel>network connections>bluetooth> and then click on the dial up tab. Click connect and a screen pops up. All you have to enter is *99# in the phone # field, hit dial and it should connect. I believe mine still says local area connection as well, but i have no problems connecting to the internet.
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    Sammie: is your BT connection listed with the other LAN connections, or in the "Personal Area Network" area? Mine is in PAN, and I cannot get it to do anything (Vista, WMDC 6.1). Can't even get it to show up under USB.
    Mike Caldwell

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