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    Customer relationship management. I am using an unholy triad of Outlook tasks, ListPro, and my brain. There has to be a better way.

    I'd rather not use and stuff like that (price mostly).

    Is there anything out there?
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    You might want to check Microsoft CRM 3.0, it works great on most WM devices, but it is a client-server app and you will have to pay for both.
    They are supposed to offer a light/free(?) version on but I don't know when.
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    Well, I found some stuff on Handango. I found that there are a number of web-based CRM services that purport to sync. Meh. I am going to sit tight for the moment. Marketing campaign later. At the moment I know who they - customers and prospects - are.
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    Siebel does. Im pretty sure "Siebel On Demand" does as well.

    Course its wicked expensive but you asked!


    Does Act! work? Thats another idea.
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    I went over to Handango and they have a couple of products. Ha. 'Search' works after all.

    There are a bunch of online services that pretend to sync to Outlook.

    All that extra software is going to make my Treo heavier.
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    What features of CRM are you specifically looking for? You mentioned a marketing campaign...

    Also - what industry are you in? I always seem to bump into vertical applications when I'm looking on my own industry related web usually don't see those aps on large "retail" sites and for some reason many of the companies who develop vertical aps just don't market them well to the masses...
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