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    I have VISTA and recently when I connect my Sprint Treo 700wx it says unrecognized USB device. I used to be able to connect no I can't. I use the WMDC version 6 and it is updated but no luck. This used to work fine.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Could be the sync cable or the connector on the bottom of the phone. This has happened to me a few times. Try wiggling it a bit or a new sync cable. If it is the phone then try a hard reset and see if that changes it, if it doesn't it could be the cable.

    If you have synced with Vista before then we can determine that vista isn't the problem. I am putting my money the cable.
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    Its not the cable. I am 100% sure.
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    I just did a hard reset...punted. All ok now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramoska View Post
    I just did a hard reset...punted. All ok now.
    good to hear. just another tip if it wont sync check the connection settings and make sure that usb is checked off. that happens to me all the time it will just uncheck for some reason.
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    I have also found that if you use the little USBSwicher App that comes on the Treo 700 - many times it will get recognized again. I had the exact same issue. Switches to the Serial USB mode and it worked. The I switched back and all was fine there too!

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