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    I couldn't find anything about this question in the forums, but I'm not really sure how to describe the phenomenon in a word.

    When I am using programs that need network access - I often find myself in a situation where they need to activate the network connection ("Dialing #777", etc.). But some programs seem impatient and try accessing the network before the connection has finished (which results in an error message). It's as if they get a premature "network connected" signal from the connection manager and try connecting.

    The most obvious offender is PocketRSS, but I have seen it happen in some other applications. The annoying thing with PocketRSS is that I have it set up to download all my feeds and podcasts overnight.

    Is there an easy way of resolving these kind of issues?

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    You could try wrapping the call to the program in a script that makes the connection first then call your application. I do that for AIM.

    See the 2nd post in this thread for an example.

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