I have a Sprint Treo 700wx. I am tethering using the CDMA USBModem Dialer program that came with the PPC6700. I installed Sprint's Connection Manager and uninstalled it just to get the Treo's driver onto my laptop.

1. For instances when data is actively downloading and I am able to take calls... the data connection does not automatically reconnect (as it did on the PPC6700) when the phone call ends (for both when other person hangs up first or when I hang up first).

I tried Sprint's Connection Mgr first, and the same issue existed as well.

2. I have not tested much yet, but it seems when an SMS come in as data is actively downloading, the Treo freezes. I need to soft reset to get the unit to respond again.

Anyone comment on either one? Solution(s) ?

*** Note, this is for when I have the following setting UNCHECKED:
"Do not allow a voice call to interrupt my data session".

When I have this checked, things seem to work ok (when data actively downloading, no interruption from voice calls and SMS; however, when data stops, voice calls and SMS can come in, like in the std 1x world).

I also experienced #1 when I was testing w/ Connection Manager (latest one from Sprint site, downloaded last week)