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    how the heck do i put my 700wx on silent so when i get calls or texts it doesnt vibrate? Even with the button on silent it still vibrates? I looked in the manual it came with and it says nothing about a silent mode...
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    actually hmm i think i figured it out.... i had it set so it vibrated when the switch was set to off
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    buttt one more question.. before it was a really short vibrate when i recieved texts... now its kinda a long vibrate and then a quoick short one right after.... how do i change this?
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    Did you set the notifications that way?
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    i dont think so? i dont see an option for how long it vibrates or how many times? just you can either check it to vibrate or not
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    The length of the vibrate (assuming you haven't fiddled with any notification strings) is the same as the length of the audio file selected for the notification. So if you want a short vibrate for your texts, select a short sound file.

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