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    Anyone here using the City ID program to display the city and state info in the caller id? I tried it but it messed up my data connections and won't let me get connected until I remove CityID from my programs. Just wondering if anyone here has got it working or has a fix for it. Thanks!
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    It also messed up my data connection. Someone here figured it out for me when I described my problem with my data connection.

    Another program I tried without any luck was Whooz Calling.
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    ran into that problem too and got rid of it...
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    Darn, are there any comparable alternatives to CityID and Whooz Calling that anyone here has tried or heard of? Thanks, dok_indo, for the info on Whooz Calling.
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    What happened to CityID? They were supposedly in beta and seemed to now have abandoned the WM5 version altogether. Which of course, makes me very happy that I paid them for the Palm version from when I had the 680.
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    I have the beta (Version 2.1.0) and it works. I'm not sure what you mean by messing up your data connection. I don't have any problems connecting to the Internet. There is an inherent problem with the phone where sometimes it will not connect and you have to turn off the phone and turn it back on again. Is that because of CityID or is that just the phone problem?
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    There is no inherent problem with the phone where you have to do that. What you are describing IS the CityID problem.
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