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    I could really use some help with ActiveSync on my Treo 700wx. For some reason ActiveSync is deleting the ActiveSync Profile on my device. At first I thought it was the computers, but I did a Sync and everything was fine. 2 minutes later I opened ActiveSync on my device and the Sync Points were gone and ActiveSync asked me to setup Sync Points. I plugged the phone into the computer and it made me create a new Sync Relationship with my Laptop. This is happening at least once a day and I have to resync the entire phone every time.

    Has anybody experienced this issue or know how to fix it?
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    activesync simply sucks...

    I'm to the conclusion that it is best to sync with one computer... I've fussed around with this for 6 months now... I build software, and use many programs on my home computer.... I'm a little better than average with new software.

    Seems my treo would get confused after a little while with which computer it was trying to sync with... lol... it won, I use one computer to sync now....
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    Since your are familiar with software would you happen to know which files on the phone hold the active sync profile that I could simply replace when this problem happens?

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