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    I am coming from a Blackberry 8707. Made the switch because of the following statement that was made by Palm regarding the new 750 -

    "Business customers will be happy to know that the Treo 750 offers a choice of compatible, out-of-the-box email solutions such as Cingular Xpress Mail, push email with Direct Push technology and Good Mobile Messaging, and push email for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 with global address lookup and remote and local device wipe. There is a whole range of business applications that comes with the Treo 750."

    So, how the heck do i push?
    I setup my work email address under IMAP4, but the device will not push my emails unless i schedule a time (every so many minutes) for the device to connect and send/receive.

    Please help!

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    The statement answered your question. You need to use a service that supports Push email, uses Exchange Server, or retrieve email from your own Exchange server. Your IMAP setup is considered "pull" rather than push.
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    Yeah, and remember that the remote wipe capabilities of Windows Mobile kinda suck right now. Maybe Exchange 2007 has some new features - I haven't looked into it yet. But WM has some lacking remote security features in my opinion.

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