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    Is this a 750 bug? I set my backlight to stay on for five minutes and when I turn the screen off and back on, its resets the backlight to dim after 1 minute (or less). I even tried unchecking the "dim backlight after x minutes" box and it still does it.

    Any thoughts?
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    phonealarm? other profile program similar?
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    I think it dims to 1/2 brightness after 30 or 45 second or something regardless of what you have it set to. Then it turns OFF the back light at the 5min (whatever you have set.)
    I've always noticed it dim (not off) before it turns off at 1 min (I have mine set at 1 min.) But as soon as you tap any button while it's dim it goes back to full brightness. I usually just tap UP on the directional pad.

    Then there's also the power-off setting (device goes in to standby.)
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    Thanks taylorh. What you described is exactly what I'm talkin about. Sorry I was unclear. It dims to 50% after 30 seconds or so. I know you can click any button to bring it back up to 100%, but I just find it annoying while I'm reading something and it does that. I wish there was a hack to turn that function off!

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