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    Does anyone know how I can delete my entire contacts list from my phone?

    I am trying to get my phone to correctly sync up between my job and home PC. THe contacts ended up doubleing on my phone. I have a new xls file with all my contacts that I am syncing up between the two locations, but now I need to erase all the contacts on my phone to do it from scratch, without a hard reset.
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    The easiest way is through Outlook on the PC once it's sync'd.
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    Thanks, that worked great. I thougt it only tranfers a change, I didn't think it would delete all off it for me if I erased my outlook contacts.

    My next question is how do I change the settings on ActiveSync to go from Palm overwrite Desktop to the ohter way around for contacts. YOu would thing I could right click on contacts and hit settings, but that option is grayed out.
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    Never mind, I see I can make that setting on the PC level setting itself. I find that kind of annoying because that makes it all or nothing. For Example, I want to have my calender from work overwrite my palm, but I want my palm to overwrite the contacts. It doesn't make it to simple to pick and choose does it?

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